Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where do you find the time?

In blogging again, I'm trying to find the time to sit and do it. Bear with me as I slowly work back into it again.

Being an at home mom is definitely something to get use to in so many ways, but the biggest blessing for our children. I'm STILL trying to adjust and figure out ways to manage our time at home in good ways. As most of you know, I get caught up too much cleaning and don't leave much time for anything else. I think a little bit of organization can fix that, I'll be working on it.

I love being able to be with Enzo as he continues to grow so rapidly. Lately he has amazed me so much with all he says and does. The other day he told me his goldfish cracker bit him, ha ha. The stories they can come up with are hilarious and such a joy to listen to. A new thing he is doing is asking question after question. "What's that Mommy?, Where we going Mommy?, What happened Mommy?, Are you ok Mommy?" etc. He also points up to the attic or his closet and says "dinosaurs are coming".

Maya is a talker as well, although you can't understand her language, it's so adorable to hear. She laughs and smiles a lot, definitely a happy baby, but super fidgety. I'm so happy to finally be on somewhat of a schedule with her. She eats every 4 hours now and usually only wakes once at night to eat. It's been a joy having her in our home and great to watch Enzo love his little sister so much.

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