Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm not the best at this whole blogging thing and sometimes I wonder why I started another one up, but here we go at attempting to update the world on what's going on in the Garza Family.

Our little ones have been growing up way too fast. I keep trying to convince myself the washing machine/dryer are shrinking their clothes, but Alabe says "have you ever thought that maybe they are growing". NO! I'm in complete denial. Enzo wore a pair of "new" pants on Easter and they pretty much dragged on the ground. He wore the same pants for Maya's blessing and they fit perfect. I think it's the washer, still. =) As for Maya, well she is constantly growing out of her cute clothes and demanding new ones. I can't hardly wait for some warm sun to shine so I can put her in all the cute dresses and summer clothes she has. Oh fun times! It's been so fun to watch the two of them grow older and do new things each day. Enzo has begun playing with his toys by himself and being content in doing so. It's been cute to watch and hear the things he says while playing. Maya likes to shower us with smiles and goos. Next thing we know she'll be talking and walking. Eeekkkk.

Alabe and I have completed a few projects recently...painting. I have to say it all turned out good considering we aren't professional by any means. My mom is coming over this weekend to finalize Maya's room and I am so excited to see the finishing results. Pics to come. No more projects for a long while.

We have a few things we are looking forward to, one being our anniversary and I am looking forward to Mother's Day. I told Alabe I don't want to do a thing, but I am willing to help with taking care of the kids because they are my babies and I'm celebrating being a mother to them. As for our anniversary. I'm excited that we are going to get out and have some fun together. We are hitting up Lagoon, yes I said it right, Lagoon. Wahooo. After that we will spend the night in Park City and then shop till we drop the following day. I don't know about him, but I'm so ready to get out and have some fun, just the two of us. Love you babe!

Blessing Day

Maya Evelyn was blessed on 4/25/10. It was such a beautiful day and we are so fortunate to have been able to share this with our wonderful family and friends. Thank you to all that came.

I realized after that I should have schooled every one on how to make an enchilada with what I had here because some had no idea what was going on. Oh well, I enjoyed the food and they must have as well because we had nearly no leftovers.

I'm so very grateful to all our family and friends and the blessings they are in our lives.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleepy Time

It doesn't matter what time of day, where he is or who he is with...he falls asleep the minute he sits down. It's pretty funny when he wakes up confused and says "I think I fell asleep" every time, without fail. Needless to say, I love my husband for the wonderful man, father, friend and provider he is. I could go on and on about all the great things about him, but this post would be too long.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weight Watchersl

I have joined. I'm going on 3 weeks soon and am anxious to see where this journey takes me. So far I've lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks and am hoping to continue losing. Sometimes I wonder how it all works and have to say there are times I'm super starving, LIKE NOW! I would love to scarf down a few warm chocolate chip cookies, but NO...I can't. The end results will be worth it. I am excited to get back into working out again as well. I haven't been able to in forever and know that it will help with my weight loss. Come Spring it will be nice to take the kids out for a walk, until then it's Gilad while I wait for the treadmill to make it's way up from the basement.

Wish me luck!

Where do you find the time?

In blogging again, I'm trying to find the time to sit and do it. Bear with me as I slowly work back into it again.

Being an at home mom is definitely something to get use to in so many ways, but the biggest blessing for our children. I'm STILL trying to adjust and figure out ways to manage our time at home in good ways. As most of you know, I get caught up too much cleaning and don't leave much time for anything else. I think a little bit of organization can fix that, I'll be working on it.

I love being able to be with Enzo as he continues to grow so rapidly. Lately he has amazed me so much with all he says and does. The other day he told me his goldfish cracker bit him, ha ha. The stories they can come up with are hilarious and such a joy to listen to. A new thing he is doing is asking question after question. "What's that Mommy?, Where we going Mommy?, What happened Mommy?, Are you ok Mommy?" etc. He also points up to the attic or his closet and says "dinosaurs are coming".

Maya is a talker as well, although you can't understand her language, it's so adorable to hear. She laughs and smiles a lot, definitely a happy baby, but super fidgety. I'm so happy to finally be on somewhat of a schedule with her. She eats every 4 hours now and usually only wakes once at night to eat. It's been a joy having her in our home and great to watch Enzo love his little sister so much.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How could I forget?

I almost left out a BIG part of our family, THE Mustang! Not only is this a Mustang, it's a 1969 Mach 1 and was my husbands baby until we got married. He says, "first the kids, then the car." Hmmm...I wonder where I fit in?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging Again

I've decided with a little more time on my hands and lots to share, it's time start blogging again.

A Little Update on The Garza Family...

Maya Evelyn was born 1/13/10 and is such a wonderful addition to our family, we couldn't ask for a greater blessing. Daddy has recently taught her to say "ahgoooo". We are adoring her beautiful smiles and can't wait for more to come.

Enzo is a great Joy to be around and can always make us laugh. With each new day he amazes me with the things he says. My favorites are...


oops sorry


guess what? (geff what)

I want fruit snacks NOW (ok, not really my favorite)

wake up (yake up)

I could go on and on. He is a dare devil as well, we have to be careful and keep an eye on him or he may "jump" and usually does. Enzo has been such a great big brother and loves his sister Maya. He always wants to give her kisses and take care of her, this morning he gave her a DVD in her swing.

Alabe and I are doing great! After being home for the month of December, he went back to work in January. Although we miss him when he is away from home, we are so grateful for his every sacrifice and the great man, husband and father he is when home. He dreams daily of "what" he can do to his Mustang and I hope one day he can do it ALL, I would love to see his smile after he is finished. As for me, I am enjoying my time as a Mommy to two wonderful children. Every day is a new adventure, sometimes a battle, but we get through it and in the end we are still smiling. I am excited for what more adventures are headed our way.